As per Clause 14 of our lease agreement, it is your responsibility to purchase tenant’s insurance to cover your personal possessions

The landlord’s insurance covers the building, but not the contents.

The following photo is of a fire that occurred in the unit attached to one of our duplexes on May 20, 2007:

The next door neighbour decided to dispose of some boxes by burning them in his fireplace. Hours later, after the neighbour thought the fire was out and had left for the day, fire broke out in his chimney and quickly spread to the upstairs bedrooms.

These tenants are going to have to find new accommodation as this property will be undergoing repairs for approximately three months. Our tenants will also have to find alternate accommodations for a period of time due to smoke damage and the electricity being turned off while the damage is inspected.

Tenant’s insurance would cover your emergency living expenses in the event of such a disaster. Tenant’s insurance will also protect you in case your activities are found to be the cause of the fire. Without insurance, you could be held personally liable for the cost of repairing or replacing the entire property.

We would hate to see something similar happen to you. Therefore, we require that you provide us with proof of insurance within 30 days of occupancy.