Whatever your reason for selling, we can purchase your property quickly, at a fair price and with minimal hassle. We can even show you how you can earn a high interest rate and receive regular income cheques from the property you've sold to us.

  • Do you need to sell quickly? We work with a network of investors specializing in buying and selling houses on a regular basis.
  • Are you facing foreclosure? We can help you minimize the damage to your credit report.
  • Low equity? We will assume your mortgage.
  • Does your house need repairs? We buy properties in any condition - there's no need to fix your property up in order to list it.
  • Are you a landlord who wants to sell? We can work together to make your divestment as smooth as possible.
  • Is the property part of an Estate? We can give you a quick closing, easing your administrative burden and reducing the time the estate must pay utilities on an empty house.

We are not real estate agents; we are Alberta investors. We offer a fair price and can save you time and money. There are no commissions to be paid. Just call us and avoid the hassle of showing your house, advertising, dealing with realtors and waiting for a buyer to come along.

Please contact us today. We will be glad to help you find a solution.